Genfo 18 Litre Knapsack

Genfo 18 Litre Knapsack
Price: $269.65
Brand: Genfo
Product Code: GENFO
Availability: In Stock

The Genfo Knapsack has a double acting pump, which means that water is sprayed on both the inward and outward stroke giving far greater impact than single acting conventional Fire Fighting knapsacks.

  • 18 Litres
  • Easy to store and transport with central hand strap and shoulder straps
  • 2 stroke pump action
  • Piston pump nozzle with screen on suction inlet and adjustable nozzle (jet fog)
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Reaches straight stream to 8m and fog to 3m and has a flow of 120cc/stroke
  • Comes in yellow only ​
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