Inferno Flame Retardant Goggle

Inferno Flame Retardant Goggle
Price: $32.00
Brand: Pro Choice
Product Code: 6FR0
Availability: Out Of Stock
  • High temperature rated, fire fighting approved
  • TPV high temperature frame
  • Spring design on bottom of frame to accommodate wide varieties of facial shapes
  • Flame Rated 5mm soft foam lining for extend wear comfort
  • Flame Rated 35mm soft head strap spreads strap pressure
  • Low profile design fits under hard hats & fire fighting helmets
  • Spherical lens offers brilliant optical and peripheral vision
  • Medium Impact rated
  • Chemical splash rated
  • Indirect ventilation
  • No side clips- less parts to break
  • Increased eyeball to lens distance to reduce fogging
  • Can we worn over prescription glasses
  • Certified to AS/NZS1337.1:2010
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